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Animal Wellness: From a Wholistic Point of View

I like to look at wellness from a “wholistic” point of view encompassing the mind, body and spirit. All three creating a whole. I also am about integration. Over the years I have learned, experienced, and used Western and Eastern modalities and philosophies to bring balance, harmony and peace within myself as well as my companion animals. The mind being emotional, the body being physical, and spirit being our connection with Source and Mother Earth. Together all three have deepened the connection between myself and my animals to a level I could not have imagined. Our companion animals are a member of our family and as so, I believe in providing them with the best care as I do for myself.

For myself, I started finding balance when I addressed my emotional, physical and spiritual needs. With animals it is no different. We are all of the Animal Kingdom but we are different species and that is what makes us all unique as well as individual. Science and Nature have proven plenty to break it down for us and I am here to help integrate the other side of science. I have learned safety and trust are key components for humans as well as animals. My wish is to walk with and guide you through the mind, body and spirit of your companion animal and create a deeper lasting connection furever.

First and foremost find a Veterinarian whom resonates and listens to you. I prefer one who is open minded, honest, and is willing to work with us equally. They know our animals from a medical point of view, but we know them emotionally and spiritually. Luckily many vets are changing and learning to integrate a more wholistic approach and utilizing alternative modalities and methods. Finding a vet with whom you and your animal are comfortable with is the most important.

I like to address the physical first in our animals. It is through their nutrition and exercise that can make the biggest impact in their life as well as be the easiest to make changes. Many chronic/acute ailments and behaviors can be alleviated through a healthier meal program and movement routine. There are many ways to level-up our companion animals diet and exercise based on their species and unique individual needs. I utilize muscle testing (Kinesiology) to determine an optimal nutrition program for them.

For example... Now that they are on a healthier meal plan let’s look at the state of mind in our companion. How are they emotionally? How is their behavior? Are there traumas? They go through past and present life experiences as we do but handle them a little differently (again a species thing!) Our companions will go through feelings and emotions of their own as well as picking up on “OUR” feelings and emotions. It is as important to care for their mind and physical energy body as it is for us. This is where Western and Eastern integrate. I do feel integration of modern and holistic modalities is beneficial. Sometimes one or the other, sometimes both. Working with your vet is imperative to giving your companion a healthy, balanced, harmonious and peaceful life.

Once the body and mind are becoming more in balance let us look at their spiritual connection. Spirituality to me is “our” connection to Source and Mother Earth. I use the term Source in this context to show no partiality. I respect whichever term resonates with you whether it’s God, Universe, Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Force, etc… I believe we all come from one Source and along with Mother Earth they both provide us with our needs physically, emotionally and spiritually. To feel connection with spirit I find being in nature, being present and meditating are some of my best tools. Do you see where I am heading? Creating time with our animals being out in nature with them when and if possible, being present and in the moment with and yes meditating with helps there spirit!

There are multiple pathways and choices to provide the care and deepen the connection with our companion animals. It is my wish to journey with you up that mountain and see what is on top.

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