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My Experience & Training

Natural Horsemanship Training 2019
Certified in Bach Flower Essence
Attuned & Certificated in Reiki Level I, II and First Level Quantum Healing
First Aid for Animals Training & Certification
Trained in Animal Nutrition Needs
​Pet Hospice and Death Doula

Animal Wellness Coach - "The Lightfoot Way"   Certified 2021
Animal Communication  - "The Lightfoot Way" Certified 2021
Certified in Pranic Healing 2013
Attuned in Animal Reiki Healing – “Let Animals Lead”

Trained by the Michigan Humane Society

Your Personal Animal Wellness Guide

Shannon pic.jpg

My desire to work with animals began when I was a child.  I had many frightening experiences with dogs early in my life and found myself wanting to overcome my fear. I believed in my heart that my fear was in actuality an opportunity for me to grow.  As I matured, I became fascinated by the relationships between humans and their companion animals.  I recognized how important it was to really “see” our companion animals and “listen” to their needs. I began a very focused journey on learning about pet care. I studied nutrition, energy healing, pet communication, and discovered how interconnected the life of our pets and their guardians really are.

After having worked for several companies that focus on pet care, adoption, nutrition, daycare and alternative healing methods, I made the decision to establish SHERPA SHANNON and become an ANIMAL WELLNESS GUIDE.


I believe with all of my heart that our animals are more than pets, they are our companions. For our relationships to be healthy, we need to cultivate meaningful connections with each other through active listening, informed decisions and compassionate care. My services are all designed around this understanding. 

Whether you are wanting to adopt (and don't know where to start), needing help with your new companion, concerned about your companion's health or behavior, or facing your companion's end-of-life transition, I can help you navigate these challenges in a compassionate, holistic manner.  I invite you to contact me so that we can discover the possibilities for your growth with your companion.

Peace, Love & Fur,

Sherpa Shannon

What is a SHERPA?

Sherpas are native Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet.  Sherpa were and are actual namesakes of the people living in those regions and over time they became popular for their expertise in mountaineering and travel among the local areas.  Tourists would come over and hire Sherpas to guide and support them on their journey up the mountains and the surrounding lands.  Mount Everest is the most known for their excursions.  Over time “Sherpa” has become a term meaning “Guide” or “Mentor”.


It is my desire to be your Sherpa. I am devoted to walking with you and guiding you on your journey with your companion animal creating a connection deeper than you can imagine.

My greatest teachers have been my precious animal companions... Herbie (Parakeet), Penny (Beagle),  Smokey (Shepherd Mix),  Waldy (Basset Hound),  Sebastian (Siamese Himalayan),  Corvin (Pit Bull Hound Mix),  Figment (Whippet Mix),  Devin (Pitbull mix).  Freya (Domestic Shorthair),  Lily (Pit Bull Mix), Sheba (Long haired Tortie).   They are and have been the loves of my life.

Over my years I have been blessed with many relationships among humans and animals but the deepest and most rewarding journeys have been with my own pet companions.  The knowledge my animals have taught me is invaluable.  In return for tending to their emotional, physical and spiritual needs, my animals have taught me how to live in harmony with all walks of life. A life full of peace, joy, unconditional love and tons of laughter!


I am continuously evolving and expanding my knowledge and experience.  It is my honor to share with you, all I have learned.

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