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I provide as an Animal Wellness Guide

pet adoption

Personalized Pet Adoption Services

Understanding the kind of animal and breed that will best integrate into your home and lifestyle can make a huge difference in how your animal companion connects with you and how you connect with him or her.  Considering if you are single or have children, your age, your home situation and hours, all have an impact, as well.  When you are able to make decisions that take the needs of your animal and the needs of you and your home into consideration, finding a good fit is much easier.  

Serving as a Sherpa and Animal Wellness Guide,   ​I work closely with you to help you connect with your next (or first) animal companion.  We start with an exploratory conversation and assessment. Once we have identified the relationship and experience that you are seeking and contemplate the needs of your companion, we begin our search.  Using my connections, I look for possibilities and together we visit the animal companions I've identified until you find the companion that touches your heart and connects with your spirit.  

The Companion Animals that I work with the most are dogs and cats of varying breeds and ages.  I am also able to help you with horses, birds and other companion animals that align with your energy and heart.

New Pet, New Home, Transition Services

Bringing a new companion into your home is an experience for both of you.  Just like people need to adjust to new places, our animal companions are sensitive to their surroundings and need time to adjust to their new home. There are a variety of conditions and factors that can make this new relationship easier or more difficult.  

If you have prepared and chosen your companion after careful consideration, settling in is often smooth with few surprises.  If your animal companion has come into your life spontaneously or unexpectedly you may have not been able to prepare. Either way, there are series of actions you can take that will help you settle in together.

When I provide transition services, I work with you to determine how you will balance your needs and lifestyle with the needs of your companion animal.  We review pet care, feeding and nutrition, space (physically and energetically), activity needs, your availability (in terms of time and emotional support), and more. Depending on your circumstances we will cover anything and everything from choosing a vet, picking foods, creating comfy spaces, to dealing with behavior challenges.  My services are customized based on your home conditions.  I work with families, couples and single individuals. 

Animal Wellness Coaching

Being able to care for our animal companions in a manner that best meets their needs, isn't always as simple as some might think.  Our companions are sentient beings with feelings and needs that can be hard to convey.  Learning to listen and respond to our companions is act of love and commitment.  When I provide Pet Wellness Coaching, my core goal is help you listen and respond. 

In some situations, I provide coaching when a companion is ill or struggling in their environment. In others, I am brought in when a companion is doing well and their guardian simply wants to help them stay well as they age.  Pet Wellness Coaching is all about discovering and exploring how we can best take care of the companions we love.

With Wellness Coaching, we discuss how to support your companion animal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by integrating holistic methods.  As such, our discussions may cover mental stimulation, physical exercise, nutrition, energetic support, home conditions, and more

Energy Healing for Pets

In recent years, we have come to understand and respect that our animals are vibrational beings, just like us. They are deeply impacted by the energetic fields within and around them.  As sentient beings, their experiences and perceptions, environment and conditions all impact their internal well being.


When they are showing signs of dis-ease or dis-comfort physically, mentally, or spiritually energy therapy can help bring balance and harmony back within. When they are stressed and experiencing anxiety, energy therapy can help calm and ease their fears. 

As an Energy Healer, I am trained in Multiple Energetic Healing Modalities. Each Animal is unique and individual and together we will determine the best modality through communication and muscle testing.   When I connect with your companion animal my goal is to give them a help them connect with their spiritual well being. Together we are able to clear issues such as fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, and trauma.

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rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge Support

End-of-life transitions can be extremely painful. Our connections with our animal companions are often just as deep as our connections with our human companions. As loving guardians, we want to help our animals make their transition with the least amount of pain and in a manner that is humane and filled with grace.  

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 Though they can't speak to us through the language of words, our animals feel us, they speak to us through their eyes, their body language and through shared vibrational connections. 

When I help my clients and their companions through end-of-life transitions, I help my clients look at all options, and I help both prepare for the transition.  I am careful to listen for needs that are said and unsaid and I am present exactly in the way I am needed.  My help supports practical needs (such as researching options), emotional needs (deliberation and, when appropriate, preparation) and spiritual needs (energetic support, dialogue, self-care).

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